Big Fish, Nature and Magic !


"Die The cottages are located on Tjongsfjord and provide a perfect starting point for sea fishing. Halibut, cod, pollock and many other species are available in this area in large numbers and sizes. Mountain tours and island visits can be started directly from the houses. They are located just above the Arctic Circle and offer  fantastic views of the northern lights in the dark season.



Tjongsfjord Lodge ist die beste Wahl für jeden Angler. Dorsche, Heilbutte, Köhler, Rotbarsche, Steinbeißer und Schellfische sind im Tjong Fjord in beeindruckenden Größen vorhanden. Looking to create the perfect infrastructure for fishing adventures, we have partnered with experts to design and custom built boats that have a life raft, satellite emergency transmitters, radios and 2 independent Raymarine chartplotters. Our 250 PH boats have separate terms of use (minimum age, deposit, etc.). We are happy to provide you with a fishing guide.



Tjongsfjord Lodge offers the base and gear for awe-inspiring angling adventures in this demanding environment without the need to compromise on comfort or safety.

Located just North of the Arctic circle on the pristine shoreline of Norway´s Helgelandskysten , lies the magnificent Tjong Fjord. Bordered by monumental rocky elevations and glaciers, that denote the rugged face of this isolated frontier, and yet bedded in the serene atmosphere that the untouched surrounding nature provides, awaits a tranquil and exciting paradise for every adept angler and nature lover.

In search of the best ocean fishing experience, we, the owners of this property, ventured across Scandinavia and found the most fertile fishing grounds and inviting surrounds in Norway’s North.