When taking fish out of Norway, fishing tourists must prove that the catch was made under the direction of Tjongsfjord Lodge.

This documentation requirement applies to anyone who uses the new export quota of 20 kg. Individuals can always carry 10 kg of fish. If the catch is under the direction of Tjongsfjord Lodge, 20 kg can be carried. This restriction is valid for a period of 7 days. So if you have a full quota on leaving Norway, you have to wait seven days before you can get a new export quota out of the country.

The taking of a trophy fish beyond the export quota is no longer required.

A proof must contain the following information:

The registered name, address and company number of Tjongsfjord Lodge;
Name (s) of the person (s) fished under the direction of the establishment;
Period of stay;
Number of persons to whom the stay applies;

A copy of the catch report submitted by the individual fishing tourist to Tjongsfjord Lodge may also be accepted by the customs authorities. This expression must contain the following information:

Identity of the company;
Who has fished;

The document can be printed, stamped and signed by Tjongsfjord Lodge on your way home .

The persons listed by name in the document must be present when exporting the fish.

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