Located just North of the Arctic circle on the pristine shoreline of Norway´s Helgelandskysten , lies the magnificent Tjong Fjord. Bordered by monumental rocky elevations and glaciers, that denote the rugged face of this isolated frontier, and yet bedded in the serene atmosphere that the untouched surrounding nature provides, awaits a tranquil yet exhilarating paradise for every adept angler and nature lover.

Tjongsfjord Lodge offers the base and gear for awe-inspiring angling adventures in this demanding environment without the need to compromise on comfort or safety. In search of the best ocean fishing experience, we, the owners of this property, ventured across Europe and found the most fertile fishing grounds and inviting surrounds in Norway’s North.

Seeking to create the perfect infrastructure for these adventures, we have partnered with local and international experts to design custom built boats, scout and map out the ample fishing grounds and fit out the inviting accommodation options. We have created a package that meets all the needs of modern ocean fisherman, who seek the thrill of remote offshore fishing whilst enjoying the amenities of luxury accommodation.

The location: Vågaholmen is located in the Rodoy municipality between Trondheim and Tromso. Easily accessible via the Bodø Airport, from which a car, ferry or waterplane can be taken to cross the approximately 80km (beeline) to the property along the majestic fjords and glaciers of this scenic coastline. Whilst Bodø offers the full range of services and shopping of a major city, Vågaholmen caters for all the necessities.

The accommodation: Fully equipped stand alone (detached) cabins with appointed kitchens, luxury down bedding and memory foam mattresses, large communal spaces with comfortable lounging and dining areas, high speed internet access and international television channels, high quality bathrooms and much more.

The gear: Custom designed and built aluminum fishing boats modeled on the basis of offshore rescue boats whilst meeting the demands of the waters they sail and the anglers they carry. The boats are equipped with motors of the highest quality and all other safety options to ensure a safe return to shore under any circumstances. They also features the latest in navigation and fishing technology to make the most of your time on the water. All other gear can be provided if necessary including flotation suits, fishing tackle and more.

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