The island world to the south from Bodø is regarded as fishing heavens. In only a few meters depth lives pollack, which easily reaches over 80cm. Come for fishing pleasures’ experiences to Tjong Fjord Lodge.

Tjong Fjord (Tjongsfjorden) is a fjord in the municipality of Rødøy in Nordland, Norway. The Norwegian Federal Highway 17 runs along the inner part of the fjord. The 17-kilometer-long fjord begins to the west of the Svartisen Glacier and flows into the Rødøy Fjord (Rødøyfjord) to the east of the island of Rødøy.

Blokktinden mountain and Svartisen Glacier are the main attractions in Tjong Fjord.  Blokktinden is located on the southern shore of the fjord. Opposite to it on the northern shore of the fjord there are the villages of Tjong and Vågaholmen, where you can find our Tjong Fjord Lodge.

Traversed by shallows, numerous underwater mountains and sandy plateaus, cods and large salmon could be easily found. The place is teeming with really big fish, including mackerel, polak and sea trout. The tasty redfish can also be caught on the steep edges in Tjong Fjord. Halibut is regularly caught on many sandy plateaus!

Find excellent opportunities for saltwater fishing! Try your luck in Tjong Fjord! Unforgettable fishing experience is expecting you at our Tjong Fjord Lodge.

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