Use only hand-held fishing tackle!

Adhere to the minimum size requirements for fish!

When fishing, keep a distance of at least 100 meters from fish farms.

The following protected species may not be fished:

All year round protected: spiny dogfish, basking shark, porbeagle, blue ling, lobster, bluefin tuna, silk shark, eel, wrasse.

Protected during part of the year (see Greenland halibut, halibut, sea rabbit, redfish.

The sale of your catch is prohibited. When leaving Norway observe the rules of export quota.

Tjong Fjord Lodge is obliged to report all catches to the fisheries authorities.
Each fishing trip and all catches of the following species, whether landed or released, must be reported:


Resetting for halibut over 2 meters:

Due to the high content of potentially hazardous foreign substances, it is mandatory to restore halibut over 2 meters into the water. The obligation applies to all fishermen (professional fishermen, sport fishing and fishing tourists), regardless of the fishing tackle and the fishing region. The duty applies to all viable, dead or dying halibut over two meters.

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